“The Ocean” Review & Critical Analysis

By Harriet, Hagood, and Alec


The protagonist is annoying and does not inspire much sympathy. She seems paranoid and worthless. She should find a different vacation spot, and a different boyfriend. Thankfully, it’s short, so you might as well read it.

One thing we liked was the story sending you to outside links, but a real pro knows not to use Wikipedia as a source.

Rating: 3.392/5.000


The use of repetition within the texts mirrors the protoganists’ own paranoia and edginess.

The links to outside sources also reflects the speaker’s scattered thoughts.

The piece inspires a feeling of hopelessness within the reader, not unlike that felt by the protagonist.

The ending addresses the reader and thanks us for “being on the beach with me that day,” reinforcing the sense that we are the listeners to her story.

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