Losing Control

Near the end of of the 1991 horror film “Silence of the Lambs”, there’s a segment where the protagonist, Clarice, is cornered in a pitch black room with the main antagonist. The entire film has been leading up to this confrontation, so tension is high for both the characters and the viewer. However, director Jonathan […]

So-So Random

In high school, I decided that reading and video games weren’t nerdy enough hobbies for me, and that I should pick up speedcubing. For the uninitiated, that’s slang for competitive Rubik’s cube solving. Contrary to popular thought, being able to solve a Rubik’s cube has basically nothing to do with intelligence. Well, it does if you’re able […]

Teaching New Dogs Old Tricks

Associative trails – “lists or chains of documents joined together” (Nelson 86) When creating associative trails within computers (we used the example of file structures in class), the question arises of whether said trails should be intuitive to the user or to the computer. Is it possible to satisfy the minds of both? As children, one of the […]